Spice Spice Baby

Spice Spice Baby

Stop, amalgamate, and glisten
Enigma's back with a brand new edition
Put it on your lathe and secure your chuck tightly
Make a pen that customers dream about nightly
Will the puns ever stop? You hope so
Too many dad jokes? We don't know
Spice Spice Baby

This design features a mix of orange, brown, gold, and cream (or Vanilla 😆) tones with varying amounts of opacity and pearlescence.

See photos three and four for an example of what this blank looks like beneath the surface.

Sizes Available:
* 8 x 0.75 inch (200 x 19 mm)
* 5 x 0.75 inch (125 x 19 mm) (special order)
* 3 x 1.25 inch (75 x 31 mm) (special order)

  • 8-inch
    10 available 100%