Maker List

"Who can I contact to have a pen made from your blanks?"

This is one of the most common questions we receive, so we started keeping a list of pen makers to share with everyone. There are so many amazing artisans out there, this list is in no way complete--it's mostly based on which pens we have bought for our own collection or used first hand.

Each maker is listed below along with their Instagram handle and/or other contact information.

  • 1836cc (Nathan Booth) @1836cc
  • Birmingham Pen Company @birminghampens
  • Black Robin Pens (Maker Meg) @black_robin_pens
  • Bonecrusher Studios (James White) @bonecrusher7studios
  • Ironfeather Creative (Brian Weaver) @ironfeathercreative
  • Jason Neil Penworks (Jason Miller) @jasonneilpenworks
  • Little Pen Designs (Joe Little) @littlependesigns
  • London Pen Company (Sean) @londonpenco
  • Mad Science Pen Company (Jacob Pawloski) madsciencepencompany
  • Mayfair Pens (Ben) @mayfairpens
  • Mythic Pen Company (Brad Owens) @mythicpens
  • Newton Pens (Shawn Newton) @newtonpens
  • River City Pen Company (Rich Paul) @rivercitypencompany
  • Sindris Workshop (Mark Murdock) @sindrisworkshop
  • Wood Wonders of North Carolina (Charlie Harvey) @wood_wonders_of_nc

If you're a pen maker we've worked with and we missed you, please let us know so we can add your information in the future.