About Us

Our love of custom fountain pens inspired us to begin casting our own pen blanks.

As a family of three, our shared love of stationary in general and fountain pens in particular is something that brings us together.

As our collection of fountain pens started to grow a few years ago, we realized that many of our favorite pens were unique handmade pens from artisan makers. As we learned more about the material used by many of these makers, we started to think about making our own blanks as a way to commission a truly one-of-a-kind pen for ourselves.

After pouring some experimental blanks in January 2021, we quickly realized it was not only a fun craft we enjoyed, but potentially a way to get more involved with the fountain pen community we enjoy so much.

Enigma Blanks launched officially in Spring 2021, and in 2022 we've added Pen's Desk to provide our youngest family member with a unique opportunity to contribute to the family business.

We look forward to sharing our own creations and our favorite items from others for many years to come.

Dan, Michelle, and Pen